This is the first post on the series about the Present Perfect.

Watch the video below to learn how to use Present Perfect and Past Simple.

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have/has + past participle

Use the Present Perfect

  1. for past experiences, when we don’t say exactly when the happened.
  2. for recent past actions, often with just.
  3. with yet
    * yet is used with negative and interrogative sentences and goes at the end of the phrase:
    She hasn’t finished her homework yet?
    Has Mary talked to him yet?
  4. with already
    * already is used in affirmative sentences and goes before the main verb:
    She has already finished her homework.
  5. with ever to talk about life experiences and goes before the main verb:
    Have you ever been to Paris?
    Have you ever broken a bone?

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Use the Past Simple to ask or talk about finished actions in the past, when the time is mentioned or understood:

  1. Words that go together with Past Simple:
    two days ago
    three months ago
    … ago
    last week
    last month

Present Perfect or Past Simple?

* Use the Present Perfect (NOT the past simple) to talk about past experiences and recent past actions when we don’t specify a time.
* Use the Past Simple (NOT the Present Perfect).

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