In order to learn how to use DO or MAKE, you need to understand the meaning behind each verb. Also, learn the collocations with DO or MAKE. Watch the 🎥  video above before taking the quiz.

Learn the differences between made of and made from:

Made of is used when the material the subject consists of doesn’t change during the process of making the subject.

Chairs are made of wood.

Here, wood is still wood. It doesn’t transform into something else.

On the other hand, made from is used when the material changed its nature. Again, another example:

Paper is made from wood.

Now, wood disappeared — it was transformed into paper.

Some more examples:

➡ The house is made of bricks. [They are still bricks.]
➡ Wine is made from grapes. [Grapes turn into wine.]

Here you are the images for you to take away:


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