I completely agree with you: learning English can be challenging. But it is also extremely enjoyable and fun if you want it to be!

Let’s embark on an enjoyable journey towards your next level in English?

One of the most used words in English is “agree”. You can always “disagree“, of course, so we can agree to disagree! 😉

(1) agree with

a. When you agree with a person, it means you accept the point of someone.
e.g. I agree with you.

b. You can also agree with something, a point of view:
e.g.Matt does not agree with my answer.

(2) agree on or about a particular topic or issue.

e.g.We agreed on/about this issue.

(3) You agree to demands/queries, or you agree to do something.
e.g. He agreed to my demands.
He agreed to join me for the movie.
Do you agree to the terms and conditions?

When you are installing a new OS in your mobile phone, you get this message:

agree TO the terms


(4) agree that + sentence

You agree that something is true.

e.g. I agree that travelling abroad is an unforgettable experience!

* You can use “disagree” with the same prepositions above!

📝 TIP:
if you use a verb, use agree to:
The teacher agreed to show us a short video in class.

✏️ other meanings:

(a) If something such as food or the climate does not agree with a person, it causes them problems.

(b) If two statements or versions of something agree, they are the same; if figures or calculations agree, they show the same result.

(c) let’s agree to disagree

we accept that we have different opinions about something, understanding that we have a different opinion and that you need to respect the other person’s opinion.

🔄 synonyms:
* see eye to eye
* be in agreement
* concur ( formal – used in official contexts)


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Agree + Prepositions

Choose the correct preposition that goes with the verb “agree”:

You must specify a text.


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In order to Activate your English, choose some of the following questions and answer them in the comment section below:

  1. Do you agree that gratitude is a very important trait to develop? How do you show your gratitude?
  2. Does the weather in your hometown agree with you?
  3. What kind of food doesn’t agree with you? What happens when you eat or drink it?

Food for thought:

“I do not agree with what you have to say, but I’ll defend to the death your right to say it.”

~ Evelyn Beatrice Hall